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Catalyst: Bremerton Middle School

Grades 5 - 8 

Our Approach

At Catalyst Public Schools we promise families that each scholar will be known, loved, and challenged.  This promise is especially important during scholars' middle school. years when they are growing and developing into more mature versions of themselves.


Our approach to supporting the academic and social and emotional growth of our scholars is our top priority and has informed our unique approach. 

How The Catalyst Middle School Model is Unique

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Scholar Led, Small Group Instruction


The "Why" Behind Our Model

Our world and our workforce are rapidly changing.  It's estimated that 65% of current elementary school students will ultimately have jobs as adults that do not yet exist.  In addition to a drastically changing economic landscape, today's children are impacted by increased political polarization, growing inequities, and increased threats due to climate change and an ever-growing world population.  At the same time advances in areas such as technology, clean energy, and healthcare provide important opportunities for our children to lead rich and full lives.  

Even as these changes have taken our world by storm, we've seen schools mostly remain the same.  A traditional approach to educating students is no longer sufficient to prepare them to thrive.  At Catalyst Public Schools we believe that schools support scholars best when they are co-designed with community and when they support scholars to develop the agency needed to lead their own learning.  The following core beliefs and shifts - based in part on the Ten Leaps for Equitable, 21st Learning published by Transcend Education - guide our middle school model.

Low Scholar to Teacher Ratios


Low Scholar to Teacher Ratios


Learning Across the Curriculum


Low Scholar to Teacher Ratios

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A Culture of Belonging for All

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