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Serving All Scholars

Catalyst: Bremerton is a place where every scholar is known, loved, and challenged.  Our school family is open to ALL scholars, regardless of background, zip code, or perceived ability.  

At Catalyst: Bremerton we are committed to serving students with learning and language needs in the general education classroom, to the extent that it is appropriate for their learning needs and those of other scholars.

We have developed this inclusive model of special education and English Learner services based on best practices from high performing schools and organizations across the country.  Our approach has been informed in large part by the Advocate's Guide to Transforming Special Education published by the non-profit organization Innovate Public Schools.  Learn more about the Advocate's guide below.


Why do we need to transform special education services?

For far too long, students with disabilities have been left behind. Experts believe that the vast majority of students with disabilities — more than 80% — can meet the same academic standards as other students, when they have the right support.


But right now, too many of the 6.6 million students with disabilities in U.S. public schools are falling through the cracks.

At Catalyst Public Schools approximately 17% of our scholars receive special education services or are on a 504 plan.*


*Data is updated each fall.

How are services provided at Catalyst Public Schools?

At Catalyst Public Schools we believe that scholars are best served when they learn with their peers.  Scholars who recieve special education and English Learner supports are best supported when they learn in partnership with non-disabled peers as well as those who are fluent in English.  Similarly, scholars who are not diagnosed with learning or language needs and those who qualify for highly capable services learn how to collaborate and communicate with peers with learning differences.

Anchoring our approach through this model of inclusion for all ensures that we are building a culture that honors the neurodiversity of our community.

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