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We support our diverse scholars to live full lives and to succeed in college, career, and life.  Scholars will find their purpose and passion so that they can cultivate the critical hope, optimism and leadership essential to be catalysts in their community and world.


Our graduates build a strong understanding of themselves, envision the world in which they want to live, and develop the agency to access the future of their dreams.  


At Catalyst we aspire to create a school culture that allows scholars and staff to live lives aligned with their passions and purpose in life.  Our values lead this work.


At Catalyst Public Schools, we believe that schools can be catalysts of community change when schools, families, and the larger community come together.  We also believe that each and every one of our scholars has unlimited potential and that they are the leaders of today and the champions of tomorrow.  

Because of this, we intentionally create school environments that prepare our scholars to be leaders and change-makers.  Far too many schools prioritize compliance over engagement and rote memorization over critical thinking and collaboration.  At Catalyst, we are reimagining school to ensure our scholars are prepared for the future. 


Learn about key elements of our school day and instructional model:

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As a charter public school, the founding team at Catalyst: Bremerton spent over 2 years designing and planning our school program in partnership with community leaders and families.  The result of that work was our charter application, which was unanimously approved by the Washington State Charter School Commission prior to our opening.  

Our charter application and the charter contract that we have in place with the Commission are the foundation of all that we do.  

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