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Catalyst: Bremerton
Elementary School

Grades K-4

Our Approach

At Catalyst Public Schools we promise families that each scholar will be known, loved, and challenged.  Beginning in kindergarten we strive to create a culture where each student is seen and appreciated for who they are and the assets they bring to our school community.

How The Catalyst Elementary School Model is Unique

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Small Group Instruction and
Personalized Learning

We believe that scholars are best supported when teachers know them as individuals and tailor instruction to meet students' unique needs.  

At Catalyst Public Schools each of our elementary classrooms is co-taught with 2 teachers present during core content instruction.  Our co-teaching model allows teachers to meet with students in small groups so that instruction is tailored to student needs.  

An additional benefit to our co-teaching model is that it provides opportunities for teachers newer to the profession to be mentored by more veteran instructors.


Low Scholar to Teacher Ratios


Social Emotional Learning
and BRAVE Leadership

Social emotional learning and growth is the core of our approach to learning.  Each day at Catalyst Public Schools begins with a class called Sunrise, during which scholars learn about the school's core values of belonging, resiliency, achievement, vulnerability, and enthusiasm.  Scholars learn how they can show these values as they learn to be positive leaders within their community.  Social emotional learning is also embedded in our core curriculum and Change Maker Space courses.  

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Change Maker Space
and Wellness Classes

Our mission at Catalyst Public Schools is to support our diverse scholars to be positive community leaders and change makers.  Much of our programming is driven by this mission.  Each week scholars take a hands-on, project based class called Change Maker Space.  During Change Maker Space scholars explore issues in our community about which they are passionate and work together to create new solutions to these challenges.  

Scholars at Catalyst also take Wellness classes multiple times per week.  Wellness classes support the holistic development of our students.  Wellness options are tailored to scholar and teacher interests.  In Kindergarten and 1st grade scholars take art, physical education, and music each week.  In the upper elementary grades Wellness choices expand and include foreign language, science, coding, robotics, instrumental music, and more! 

Catalyst Public Schools is a rich and diverse school community where all scholars are seen, known, loved, and challenged.

Above all we aim to support our scholars to see the rich assets that we each bring to our school community.  Scholars are supported to find common interests across lines of difference to become positive community change makers and leaders. 


A Culture of Belonging for All

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