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COVID-19 Planning

A Note from Catalyst School Founders

Dear Families, Scholars, and Community:

First and foremost, we hope that this note finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy in these unprecedented times.  


In light of Governor Inslee’s “Stay at Home, Stay Healthy” order of March 23, 2020, we have been staying away from our campus at Ironsides Ave.  We do think it is important to keep you informed of Catalyst activity on site, however.


  • Monthly one of our staff will be at the building to host our Board Meeting as required by the Open Public Meetings Act as well as recent guidance from the Attorney General. Other Catalyst employees who fall into the “essential” category of Governor Inslee’s order will also be on site, as needed.


  • For now construction will continue, based on guidance from the Governor’s office as well as the Office of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  It has been deemed that construction at schools is essential: 

    • “Workers supporting public and private childcare establishments, licensed pre-K establishments, K12 schools, colleges, and universities for purposes of distance learning, or the provision of school meals, or child care for the children of essential workers across all sectors and for uniquely vulnerable children.” 

    • “In general, commercial and residential construction is not authorized under the proclamation because construction is not considered to be an essential activity. However, an exception to the order allows for construction in the following limited circumstances...To further a public purpose related to a public entity or governmental function or facility, including but not limited to publicly financed low-income housing...


If you have any concerns or questions and would like to read the full guidance from the Governor it can be found here and here.


We are keeping a close watch on further communication from the Governor’s Office, and will heed guidance from our government.  In addition, our construction company has created a social distancing plan that is being implemented for workers on the site and all workers are following all guidelines issued by OSHA, the CDC, and the World Health Organization, including wearing personal protective equipment.


Though working from our homes, we are working to support our Catalyst families and community.  As we navigate this new and uncharted territory, we hold firm that together, we can all continue to thrive.


In partnership,


Amanda Gardner and Tatiana Epanchin

Co-Founders, Catalyst Public Schools

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