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UPDATE:   On July 28, along with several other Kitsap county school districts, we announced that we will not begin the school year with face to face learning.  All scholars will be learning remotely, via Pathway 3, until the Kitsap Health Department issues guidance that learning in person is safe.  When that day comes we plan to offer instruction based the the 3 Pathways, as described below. 

Catalyst Public Schools recognizes the challenging times in which we all currently live.  During this unprecedented time, we are leaning in our core values to create a truly phenomenal public school option for the scholars and families of Bremerton and greater Kitsap County.

Over the past several months we have been piloting our approach to hybrid and distance learning and we have learned much from high performing schools both locally and nationally.

We stand ready to offer founding Catalyst:Bremerton families a truly exceptional educational experience this fall.  Watch our short video and slides below to learn more.  


3 Pathways of Learning


Catalyst at Home

3 Pathways for Learning

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